Registration is now CLOSED to the Shrugged Strength Challenge Program.

The goal of that program is to have helped you add 50 pounds to your squat, improve your "Helen" time by 3 minutes, and improve your overhead strength & stability.

Now that might seem like a tall order, but it's already happening with our SSC athletes.  We've seen it!
That said, if you're an advanced level athlete it will certainly be harder to make that kind of improvement, but we're up for that challenge!

Following this program and sticking with it will help you with more than the things listed above.  Those are just our big goals to give us something to aim for.  Other goals we have for this include building a fun as shit tight knit online community, providing you accountability, and helping you with all the things you're going to have to master that go on outside of the gym.

We're about to enter our 4th year of running online training programs and we've learned a lot over that time.  We're taking what we know works and cranking it to 11.

This program is going to be hard work.  We like to say this program is for those who want to "TRAIN, not exercise."  And what that means is... we're not just going into the gym to break a sweat and get some exercise in.  We're going in with a plan, and we're going to work our ass off and stay committed through hell or high water to reach that goal.  To earn it.

Registration is closed now but we'll be opening up registration again soon.

So if you're one of our Barbell Shrugged listeners who told us you wanted to improve your strength while maintaining or even improving your conditioning put your email in below and we'll keep you updated on the launch of this program AND send you the Shrugged Strength Test which we'd like you to go ahead and do before you start the program anyways.

Stay posted for updates!
Check out this behind the scenes video form a few months back when we we're in the planning stages of this program to get a taste of what's to come.